USWL in 2012 run by Tony nickols and Annie Nichols shut their clinics down owing many therapists 4-5 weeks wages. Please google and see it was even in the birmingham post with the therapists on there. They owed clients money for treatments and therapists for wages - i cant believe it but it seems they got away with it.

More recently Tony became a director of the slimline clinic/rapid inch loss. Companies house says he is a director around 1/6/13. He has let us therapists work since he took over knowing what he was going to do. We received a text saying that we were suspended for 14 days and that they were relaunching. I should be getting paid friday..............watch this space. I live by myself with a 3 year old i really cant afford this and dont need the stress with what im going to do. I dont want to seek a malicious revenge - i just want them stopped.

They have i hear relaunched as www.u-slim.co.uk. Please look at the website. I have called the number and ROB answered, the same ROB that worked with Rapid Inch Loss/ Slimline Clinic. Also there are no locations on the site yet and no company info, this is because it is so new and i believe if we are quick we can stop this happen a THIRD time. Also on the about page it is simply copied and pasted from their rapid inch loss web site even stating....

'she will then design a personal rapid inch-loss program to help you'.

USWL used the 'cracking' and 'melting' method on their cheap machines as described on their home page

If anyone can help please please help me as no one has managed to stop them before. I will keep you updated if i find anything out and please do the same

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Kingston Upon Hull, England, United Kingdom #780244

Does anyone know who the Director is of the ukweightlossnetwork please? I am trying to make a complaint and was given a name and an e-mail address which has bounced back. I have had nothing but problems with their equipment and the customer services is appalling.

Many thanks

Manchester, England, United Kingdom #746766

New scam company:


Birmingham, England, United Kingdom #736039

Cons.... Simple!!! Do not be fooled!

Northampton, England, United Kingdom #725331

They have just taken rather a large amount of money from people in Northampton - same as above - what utter scumbags.... I doubt I will ever see my money again!!

London, England, United Kingdom #718837

Disgusting.I tried their treatment only to find that my therapist hadn't even completed her training!

Now I am worried for my health and the consequences.This is a rip off- I wish I had gone with someone who was actually qualified and I can only say that cheap prices reflect the cheap service.

Wolverhampton, England, United Kingdom #694673

i have also lost my money i will look at this website, as i am a client i had just re-newed a whole course and had no treatments, this whole thing is disgusting i am in the process of trying to claim my money back via the bank as i paid by credit card, i have also joined a forum via emails with some of the theropists as all staff/customers should not be ripped off to line someones elses pocked.good luck and i will not give up on this they should be stopped ASAP.

Crawley, England, United Kingdom #669785

Same happened to me!My poor clients have lost so much money !

And I have lost my wages so they can edvertise to scam new people!

I'm a single mum and left with nothing!!!Nice 1!!!

London, England, United Kingdom #669597

Jane either walks around with her eyes closed or is a darn LIAR.

Director uslim limited = Kulvinder Gihair aka Rob Gihair

Rob Gihair well known at USWL, more recently at Rapid inch loss and now www.u-slim.co.uk

Jane are you disturbed enough to deny this and let it happen again? Or are you a nickols family member....jane aka annie!!

London, England, United Kingdom #669528

I'm sorry for your situation, but this is total rubbish. I am an employee of U-slim, and found this post after a client pointed it out to me. I have never heard of Annie or Tony or rob even, so i find it very hard to believe youve even spoken to rob???!! Do you think that maybe more than one company do the same treatment?!!

to janeb Milton Keynes, England, United Kingdom #669557

who is the director of your company then 'jane'?

where are you based 'jane'?

why is there no information on your site 'jane'?

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